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Disaster Recovery Planning & Execution is an essential part of every business plan.  No fewer than seven out of 10 small businesses who lose data subsequently go out of business within a year.

But Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution is not just about a crashed server.  Often business do not account for the time needed to restore a workstation when the hard drive goes bad.  While data may be on the server or otherwise be backed up, applications now have to be re-installed to the workstation, valuable user settings are lost, and often older application versions are not compatible with the newer operating system which came with the replacement computer.  True DRP&E includes imaging workstation hard drive to allow for quick restoration.

Public health emergencies are another possible "disaster" which traditional backups do not address.  In such an emergency, the co-located workplace can become a dangerous "disease vector" and a workforce can be hobbled by having to pay more attention to not passing the bug along than attending to the needs of the customer.

Xanesti DRP&E develops a wholistic plan to respond to these kinds of problems.  By combining the latest in hard drive imaging technology with "cloud-based" Virtual Machine technology, the routine backup of data is augmented with images which can be deployed to the cloud as Virtual Machines.  A workforce can be quickly rotated out of the traditional co-located workplace to a remote-networked workplace to maintain productivity even in the midst of a major disease outbreak.

Contact us for a comprehensive proposal to secure the future of your business with Xanesti Disaster Recovery Planning & Execution.

8(m) Minority Woman Owned

Xanesti Technology Services, LLC is an 8(m) certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise (MWOSBE) interested in partnering with DoD other Federal and State government Prime contractors.

We provide DoD IASAE Level III Information Assurance (IA) Workforce solutions.


Managing Member for Technology John Horst holds the CISSP®-ISSAP® certification, considered the gold standard information technology security certification.

John Horst currently serves as the Treasurer for the San Diego Chapter of (ISC)2.

Committed to Business

The single biggest challenge businesses face with information technology is the tendency for business professionals and IT professionals to talk past each other.

Xanesti Technology Services is committed to bridging this gap with a requirements gathering methodology which places your users (not the technology) at the center of the process.

We discover (often from a business plan) the discrete groups of users who have discrete responsibilities for the execution of the business plan, and then map how your information technology infrastructure provides the capabilities they require.

This allows us to identify where "commercial off-the-shelf" (COTS) products are sufficient (usually for 80% of the needs) and where customized solutions can provide the remaining capabilities.

Partnering with Xanesti will result in a clear picture of business value for all your information technology investments.