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Contributing to the success of our heroes.

They call it a FITREP... or a "fitness report."

It is the foundation of every military career.  As a young man or woman rises through the ranks, promotions become ever more competitive.  And increasingly, computers are at the heart of that sailor, marine, soldier or airman's job description.  Success becomes a matter of making use of the tools of technology to excel at one's command responsibilities - and compete for that next promotion.

In this respect, the military is much like the business world.  Where a business will have a "business plan," systems used by military personnel will have a "Concept of Operations" (CONOPS).  Xanesti Technology Services conceives technology requirements by deriving the discrete responsibilities each group of users has to the execution of the CONOPS and pairing these groups with the capabilities they require to excel at their job.  This keeps the process intelligble to all users, technical and non-technical alike, and fosters a stronger sense of trust that the command's budget is realizing genuine value.

In most cases, most required capabilities can be met with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products.  By elaborating the CONOPS around the discrete groups of users responsible to execute it, the remaining required capabilities are met with custom developed software which integrates capabilities otherwise provided by COTS products.  We often find the ratio to be roughly 80% COTS to 20% customized software.  This ensures the command's budget is not wasted reinventing the wheel.

Your mission is often complex - and even sometimes dangerous.  Our mission is simple.  We seek to make a meaningful contribution to the success of civilian and military leadership by enabling the personnel under their command or management to excel at their jobs.

8(m) Minority Woman Owned

Xanesti Technology Services, LLC is an 8(m) certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise (MWOSBE) interested in partnering with DoD other Federal and State government Prime contractors.

We provide DoD IASAE Level III Information Assurance (IA) Workforce solutions.


Managing Member for Technology John Horst holds the CISSP®-ISSAP® certification, considered the gold standard information technology security certification.

John Horst currently serves as the Treasurer for the San Diego Chapter of (ISC)2.

Committed to Business

The single biggest challenge businesses face with information technology is the tendency for business professionals and IT professionals to talk past each other.

Xanesti Technology Services is committed to bridging this gap with a requirements gathering methodology which places your users (not the technology) at the center of the process.

We discover (often from a business plan) the discrete groups of users who have discrete responsibilities for the execution of the business plan, and then map how your information technology infrastructure provides the capabilities they require.

This allows us to identify where "commercial off-the-shelf" (COTS) products are sufficient (usually for 80% of the needs) and where customized solutions can provide the remaining capabilities.

Partnering with Xanesti will result in a clear picture of business value for all your information technology investments.