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Right the First Time

Value is business demands the right solution to the present problem - preferably the first time!

Today's competitive business environment demands good decisions made quickly.  Strategic and regulatory environments change rapidly and the business that responds quickly is the business that stays ahead.  But good business decisions simply must produce business value.  In the areas of your peoples' business expertise, this value is easily recognized.  In information technology with its ever increasing complexity, this value is more elusive.

Xanesti Technology Services, LLC offers a unique approach to discovering business value in information technology; making sure you get The Right IT Solution the First Time. We begin with your Business Plan and develop an integrated picture of the people you depend on to execute it.  Your people naturally coalesce around related responsibilities.  Each of these responsibilities indicates a series of information technology capabilities needed to fulfill them.  These capabilities are then served by components of your information technology solution.

In many cases this means commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions provide about 80% of the needed capabilities.  Custom integration of these various products then fills in the rest, allowing your people the customized visibility into your business data needed to make and execute on good business decisions.

By executing a process that "spirals around the user" instead of the "system" and its technological complexities, your business develops a clear picture of all information technology needs, and a detailed map of how these capabilities support the execution of your Business Plan.  Each piece of the IT puzzle is tied back to the Business Plan such that the business value of your investment in information technology is clear.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business lay a solid foundation for responsive information technology that empowers your people to successfully execute your Business Plan.

8(m) Minority Woman Owned

Xanesti Technology Services, LLC is an 8(m) certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise (MWOSBE) interested in partnering with DoD other Federal and State government Prime contractors.

We provide DoD IASAE Level III Information Assurance (IA) Workforce solutions.


Managing Member for Technology John Horst holds the CISSP®-ISSAP® certification, considered the gold standard information technology security certification.

John Horst currently serves as the Treasurer for the San Diego Chapter of (ISC)2.

Committed to Business

The single biggest challenge businesses face with information technology is the tendency for business professionals and IT professionals to talk past each other.

Xanesti Technology Services is committed to bridging this gap with a requirements gathering methodology which places your users (not the technology) at the center of the process.

We discover (often from a business plan) the discrete groups of users who have discrete responsibilities for the execution of the business plan, and then map how your information technology infrastructure provides the capabilities they require.

This allows us to identify where "commercial off-the-shelf" (COTS) products are sufficient (usually for 80% of the needs) and where customized solutions can provide the remaining capabilities.

Partnering with Xanesti will result in a clear picture of business value for all your information technology investments.