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Discover the power of custom SharePoint portal solutions!

Few web portal solutions offer a wider and more robust array of functions than Microsoft's SharePoint Portal.  But probably the most compelling argument for considering a SharePoint-based solution is the integration with Microsoft Office.

Work with Office Applications
Deep integration with Office 2013 programs lets your team members collaborate by using the familiar tools they use every day. Here are some of the ways you can use Office 2013 programs with your team site:

Manage Data & Information
SharePoint sites are great for storing information such as event calendars, contacts, web links, discussions, issues lists, and announcements. In addition to using the rich set of built-in lists, you can create custom lists in your team site that meet your team's specific information-sharing needs.  An especially useful feature is the ability to link SharePoint Tasks to Outlook.

Share Files With Document Libraries
Windows SharePoint Services provides your team site with document storage and retrieval, with check-in and check-out functionality, version history, custom properties, and flexible, customizable views. Your team members can easily find and share documents and other files.

Collaborate With Workspaces
Your team can take collaboration to a new level with Windows SharePoint Services. Team members can easily create collaborative workspace sites to share and manage their team information. Threaded discussions, surveys, shared calendars, task lists and other collaboration features help keep you and your teammates connected and productive.

Customize to Fit Unique Needs
Team sites based on Windows SharePoint Services are useful right out of the box. However, if you are a member of the Web Designer or Administrator site groups, you can customize your site, changing its appearance and adding functionality without using other applications or doing any programming.

Workflow Processing
SharePoint offers highly sophisticated workflow development tools which integrate all of the above features into workflows which can automate the coordination of most of your day-to-day activities.  The creation of a record in a custom list can trigger the creation of events on a calendar and tasks in a task list.  Changes in the status of tasks can then trigger the assignment of new tasks.  The work process automation capabilities of SharePoint are truly extensive.

If your business or command is looking to automate workflows, contact us today to discuss the potential for SharePoint to earn genuine value.

8(m) Minority Woman Owned

Xanesti Technology Services, LLC is an 8(m) certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise (MWOSBE) interested in partnering with DoD other Federal and State government Prime contractors.

We provide DoD IASAE Level III Information Assurance (IA) Workforce solutions.


Managing Member for Technology John Horst holds the CISSP®-ISSAP® certification, considered the gold standard information technology security certification.

John Horst currently serves as the Treasurer for the San Diego Chapter of (ISC)2.

Committed to Business

The single biggest challenge businesses face with information technology is the tendency for business professionals and IT professionals to talk past each other.

Xanesti Technology Services is committed to bridging this gap with a requirements gathering methodology which places your users (not the technology) at the center of the process.

We discover (often from a business plan) the discrete groups of users who have discrete responsibilities for the execution of the business plan, and then map how your information technology infrastructure provides the capabilities they require.

This allows us to identify where "commercial off-the-shelf" (COTS) products are sufficient (usually for 80% of the needs) and where customized solutions can provide the remaining capabilities.

Partnering with Xanesti will result in a clear picture of business value for all your information technology investments.